About Us

Providing Legal Service Since 1996

The Law Office of A. Hakim G. NUSANTARA, HARMAN & Partners (NHP) was established in Jakarta in 1996. Its incorporation was based on the noble aspiration and goals long held by the founders for the purpose of establishing a prominent Law Office capable of rendering complete and satisfactory legal services for the public and especially for those engaged in commercial world.

These ideals were realized with the establishment of the law firm in 1996. It will help canadianmedmart.com With the firm’s vision to the meet the public need of high quality legal services, it was hoped that this law office would develop and keep up with the global development of any legal issues.

The principal aim of this law office is to provide legal services both in the commercial or corporate fields and for individual scope, either before the courts of law (litigation) or through out-of-court settlements such as mediation and negotiation.


The Law Office of A. Hakim G. NUSANTARA, HARMAN & Partners (NHP) adheres to the vision with a view to the legal enforcement and self-development to become a highly-respected law office rendering legal services to the public, managed by competent and professional human resources with dedication and taking heed the professional code of ethics, sufficiently supported by information technology mastery in order to facilitate access to keep the firm updated on any recent development in the field of law.

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